About Snap TV

Snap TV was established by David Edgar and Alex Nikolic-Dunlop to produce stylish, engaging and popular documentaries, returnable series and drama. 

Over the last 20 years, David and Alex have produced well over 200 hours of television for broadcasters around the world. 

David Edgar

Before Snap TV, David spent 15 years as creative director at the multi-award winning Flashback Television where he had the opportunity to enjoy his passions for history, drama and food. He's motivated by ideas and enjoys developing both new talent and working with established presenters. 




Alex Nikolic-Dunlop

Alex is a multi-award winning producer and director, who for more than 15 years has made visually arresting and accessible films for broadcasters all over the world. He's excited by shaping new series and formats and telling powerful narratives with beautiful pictures. 





ADOLF ISLAND on Smithsonian Channel.


Caroline Sturdy Colls, a world leader in the forensic investigation of Nazi crime scenes, is chasing clues to an unsolved case: a concentration camp that existed on the British island of Alderney. Witnesses and survivors claimed that thousands died there, but only 389 bodies have ever been found. Under heavy restrictions imposed by the local government, Colls must uncover the truth using revolutionary techniques and technologies.





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